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Mountain View Stoneworks is your headquarters for anything you would like etched in stone. Daniel and Becky Komar will create one-of-a-kind headstones, pet memorials or garden stones to your specifications.

In 2001, Daniel purchased the business previously known as James S. Wilson and Sons, Co. Alan Wilson, third generation carver, mentored Daniel and taught him the skills needed to craft headstones, knowing he would continue to run the business ethically and locally.

While keeping the traditions established since 1913, the couple expanded the business to provide greater artistic scope. Mountain View Stoneworks now makes Pet Memorials and Garden Stones on polished or unpolished rocks. A wide selection of stones is available to create unique designs.

Mountainview Stoneworks has plenty of blanks in stock, or bring your own if you have a rock that is meaningful to you. It doesn't hurt to ask if your rock is suitable for the use you have in mind.

In 2008, Daniel and Becky opened a retail site with a great view of the Selkirk Mountains. They sell Foothills ice cream as well as decorative rocks, offering the customer the opportunity to...

Stop In, Chill Out, and Rock On!

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